it's not the rage
it's life forcing us to turn the page

strut right down the boulevard
once smooth and easy
is becoming hard

so walk that walk
maybe fool some from afar
but get close enough to talk the talk
you'll reveal how old you really are

   keeping up appearances
   gets harder and harder to do
   because age tries to knock
   knock knock knock
   knock the cool out of you

you might think you're winning the war
staying trim
you eat right
you sleep right
you wear the right clothes
but the years keep moving in

and you'd love to get your looks back
but the indifferent clock says no
you can't even grasp it's hands
or plead with time to go more slow

   just keeps on ticking
   tick tock tock tock
   knock the cool out of you

consuming minutes
by the hour
days fall prey to age's power

sashay up the avenue
remember those old folks
well now it's you

so dress young  and from a distance
who knows, that ruse might fly
but move in a little closer
those goddam wrinkles never lie

   learning from experiences
   you'll suffer and suffer most fools
   while age tries to knock
   knock  knock knock
   knock the cool out of you

calling in the reinforcments
might help to slow the pace
might show
but will never win the race
and even if you build a levee
to try and stop the flow
what doesn't spill over from the top
will just seep in from below

   keeps on dripping
   drip drop drop drop
   knock the cool out of you

is living proof
you may be as yong as you feel
but you're as old as the truth