temples throbbing
4 a.m.
acid brain, driving pain
it's happening again

probed prodded
human farm
my alien implants
are causing me harm

drilled deep into my unconscious
meticulous conducive
I'm a morsel of interest
a specimen

no one believes me
they think I'm disturbed
but they haven't been subjected
to the torture I've endured

nerves burning
night sweats, slow death
how long can I survive

processed sequenced
agonizing detail
I'm convinced these implants
were intended to fail

the equipment is undetectable
nefarious intrusive
I'm an archetype of passage
a bellwether

fueled by insomnia
a life in absentia
my existence reduced
to entertaining dementia

mind unraveling
psychic sodomy, cerebral dichotomy
a predetermined fate

plundered scuttled
bottomless sea
I'm left sinking with the remnants
of what's festering inside of me

the experiments have ended
abandoned forgotten
I'm an artifact of consequence
a statistic