Cigarette Girl

the evening moon does luminesce
the stars they shimmer too
on Earth we search for paradise
what better is there to do

but ask me to philosophize
I'll tastefully decline
believing heaven is where you find it
because I've discovered mine

it's in a club, I won't say which
I don't need the competition
there's a girl I would marry, a sentiment unshared
at least by her own admission

    there's something about the way she glows
    wears her hair in those tight little curls
    has the fragrance and charm of an angel face rose
    I'm in love with the cigarette girl

with a smile just like a silvery beam
waxing and waning the whole night through
we could kiss 'neath the halo of a golden dream
though it's one which may never come true

when I purchase the cigarettes, then later ask for matches
we're both in on my little joke
she's very persuasive, knows just what I want
and that the truth is I don't even smoke

    I'm a generous tipper, I give what I can
    I wish it was diamonds and pearls
    still, hope is my greatest gratuity
    I'm in love with the cigarette girl

oh, to cast your affections adrift
declaring one's intentions, all a gentleman should dare
(be simply etiquette prepared, while of faux pas beware)
 and no, infatuation is never a strong enough word
 if it's un-requited and you almost don't care

now the singer may be terrific
and can mesmerize a crowd
chanteuse, enchanteresse extraordinaire
and she's perfectly endowed

but I'm more drawn to the sweetest vendor
this side of Paris France
and when she shares her wares they can be had for a song
namely, desire in an imagined romance

    the champagne makes me giddy
    it gives my head that neat little twirl
    I lost my heart in the cabaret
    and fell in love with the cigarette girl