for many the world is black and white

to others, shades of gray

I'm just seeking a form of relief

some light to carry this darkness away


when life seems ruled by failure and rejection

feelings get lost or displaced

but pray not you lose your will to discover

some light to carry the darkness away


a voice unheard

a chance untried

a plant which can not blossom dies

it sighs within and no one hears it


a tear ignored

a dream denied

as seeds of doubt root deep inside

and grow until they choke the spirit


it's hard to pretend that the end isn't tempting

relentlessly fermenting the urge to let go

one of my voices whisper things will get better

while the majority tell me they won't


between the sun and shadows we fall

like drifting clouds we pass through days

waiting and hoping that by chance might emerge

some light to carry this darkness away