clones of stores
in chains of malls
enticing us to want it all

money mantra
cash cash cash
morals values
trash trash trash

so many choices
what a thrill
choices choices
forget the bill
shop now
shop later
shop shop shop all the time
empty your wallet
spend your last dime
not to spend spend spend
is almost a crime
frequent the stores
buy and buy more
charge a little
charge a lot
charge charge charge all you can
then when you're broke
the luster fades
and nothing you bought is ever as good as it looked
suddenly you're owing
without even knowing
what it was that got you hooked

money mantra
dollars dollars
reward the wolves who cheat the borrowers
 fleece them good and fleece them fast
money mantra
cash cash cash

by the time the bills arrive
you won't know what hit you
but that's OK
soon soon soon
there'll be more on the way
with added fees and penalties
demanding that you pay pay pay
credit rejections
no concessions
aggressive collections
no matter how much you earn
learn to live with less less less
and on principle alone you better take interest
because industries thrive on servicing debt
of course you could see a financial adviser
and still be non the wiser
on how to extract yourself
from this inequitable mess

piles of dough
stacks and stacks
money mantra
cash cash cash

manufactured foods
from faceless brands
NOW! artificial, unhealthy and bland

profiteering prophets
deceit in disguise
we should see right through them
but nobody tries
they smile when they squeeze you
robbing you blind while posing as a friend
and somehow convincing us
we could become one of them

money mantra
more more more
you have the key, unlock the door
learn to cheat and learn it fast
money mantra
cash cash cash

tax havens
the deck is stacked against you
to be systematically  dealt  right out of the game
the rule makers are the real fakers
self righteous pretenders
without a sense of shame

plunge into the market
make a splash
money mantra
cash cash cash

morally bankrupt, but man are they rich
corrupt corporations
insurance mafias
blood sucking  banks
ain't life a bitch
(for us, not them)
packaging and presentation
how they sell it is the key
with politicians in their pocket
and bottom line reasoning
they only show us what they think we should see

take more than you need
it's the Zen of greed
money mantra
cash cash cash

so get used to being poor
you may not like it
but that's the score
a war you can't win
over before you begin
sure there's still the lottery
20 million to one
buy a ticket, say a prayer
just a different crooked scam
false hope against despair
but it should warm your heart to know
while the 1 percent
are running the show
they will certainly savor
the fruits of your labor
wasting more than you ever asked for
and giving none back
they get it all,
now be content with the shaft

shop shop shop
spend spend spend
owe owe owe
it never ends

money mantra
cash cash cash
morals values
trash trash trash