for centuries and generations
fruit fit for a god
beyond science, an art
picked by hand
and cured to perfection
then taken to market on an ox-driven cart

olive man
olive man
there you are fit and tanned
with desire, courage and a plan
the world is waiting
olive man

your father's father and his father too
your heritage, your destiny
a legacy of birth
so marry well
and bear us a son
to carry on tradition in the orchards of earth

now years will come and years will go
but a noble profession is the purest way
for an honest man to pass the time
and though this world may be full of troubles, my friend
the greatest of pleasures will always be
watching your son as he mixes the brine

olive man
olive man
against the tide you have to stand
while progress alters earthly plans
don't let  it change yours
olive man