there is no heaven
there is no hell
there is no in between

the revealed world is flawed
it's creation a refuge
from what lies behind the scenes

I must
I must
I must think happy thoughts
I've gone through the veneer
and know I'll never make it back across

I am lifeless,floating
face down in a sea
both in and out of my body
or at least I must be
to be able to see
and feel and believe
in this endless stream of nightmares
which keep haunting,taunting
while awake
in a world best kept sleeping

and it's always a vision
with me dead or dying
so whether real or imagined
there's still no satisfying
this horrible place
of denying escape
only life
with no reason to live

it's coming
coming nearer
ever closer
or is it here


 I must
I must
I must think happy thoughts

there I am, helpless
lying on the ground
mortally wounded
a pool of blood surrounds
as strangers pass
none react
no one makes a sound

are they blind
can't they see
say something
do something


we are figments of imagination
sacrificial beings
remnants of a passing thought
deception in a dream

there is no future
there is no past
there is no here and now
existence is creed
perception is god
and I'm involved somehow
"don't you understand"


 "there's nothing,no way out"
"you're a memory that's fading"


  "an unnecessary doubt"


these images
they can't be real
they can't be me
they're not
I'll do anything
yes anything
make them go away
just make them