I'm the subject of experimentation

(although I'm not supposed to know)

I survive through pure determination

but how far can this madness go


what started without warning

proceeds without an explanation

and whether chosen at random or specifically targeted

it's undermining my very foundation


formless , unbalanced

metaphysically challenged


my actions are being monitored

behavior and response

the results are open to interpretation

so take it any way you want


I'm better, I'm worse

I'm blessed, I'm cursed


trust is an illusion

paranoia alters every turn

toward the center of confusion

as to what it is

they want to learn, from me

to them

I'm nothing

to me

I'm all there is


I'm cured, I'm ill

I won't , I will


I'm the victim of experimentation

(and now I know they know I know)

so I hope I'm convincing,

since my only form of resistance

is putting on a show